When Paul Carter, the founder of white rock natural medicine, was considering concepts for his new practice he wanted a name that reflected the grounded nature of himself and fellow practitioners.

On a trip to Canada in 2013 he went canoeing on his own one beautiful summer’s day in a calm estuary. The setting was the calmest most natural environment imaginable. Bald eagles were high on the tree tops. Islands scattered throughout and not a person in sight. He came across an island made entirely of white rock. On pulling up to the island he realised the rock was a substance he used in Chinese medicine for clearing inflammation. Paul then had an idea of the island as a sanctuary for healing, and he wondered if this island had ever been a source of medicine or location for healing by ancient people.

As the island shone white in the sun, Paul thought it would be an amazing place to have a clinic. He then thought of his own clinic in Melbourne and how it is like an island where healing and rejuvenation takes place amongst the busyness of life. People visit the clinic for healing similar to visiting to an island oasis for rejuvenation.

The idea of an oasis and the image of the island wouldn’t leave his mind and thus the concept of white rock natural medicine evolved.

White rock natural medicine’s branding reflects simplicity & nature.